Casa de Monte Cristo by Tampa Humidor

Casa de Monte Cristo by Tampa Humidor is a premier cigar lounge located in Tampa, Florida. This modern cigar store is over 4,000 sq. feet and features a full smoking lounge, and serves alcoholic beverages.

After installing HealthWay air purification systems in their stores, the owner, Mike Howe stated:

"We have had our HealthWay systems installed for just over 3 months now and they are by far the best units that I have ever used in my stores. Our customers have commented on how great it is to be able to enjoy our great cigars with no sign at all of any lingering smoke. I would highly recommend these products and will be installing these at our other location as well."’

Jason Francher, HealthWay Business Development with Mike Howe, Casa De Monte Cristo, Tampa Humidor

Project features:

  1. Site survey, evaluation
  2. Installation of 2 2000SC w/ PCO + VOC add on
  3. Follow-up evaluation and survey


Estimated Value: $15,000.00