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Whether you’re learning the basics or a seasoned engineer, HealthWay® will help you get up to speed on the very best information, products and solutions in indoor air quality.

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SuperV Product Sales & Installation Training

 Ryan Richie, EVP of Business Development
  Brian Hicks, VP of Sales

Attend this training and learn how to sell, install and maintain the SuperV Air Purification solution. We’ll talk about how our unique DFS technology exceeds MERV 16 filtration while maintaining less than a MERV 8 pressure drop. The SuperV is a highly effective IAQ solution that is energy efficient, and easy to maintain.

What you’ll learn: See a live install, product testing, where the product is made, and a demonstration in a hands-on training.

Who should attend: If you’re a contractor, reseller, or someone who is passionate about IAQ, you don’t want to miss this.

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