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Study: Lab Data Shows DFS Technology Can Remove and Kill

The Global Leader in Air Purification Receives Test Results of Removal and Kinetic Kill

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Pulaski, NY – December 28, 2022 – HealthWay releases lab data of two separate third-party tests done this fall. Results show particles such as bacteria and viruses can be killed with over 99.99% efficiency, proving to be the most efficient air purifier.

“These third-party results prove that not only are HealthWay air purifiers capturing bacteria and viruses, but they’re also destroying them at a kill rate of 99.99%, so these germs can’t be reintroduced into the environment,” said Jeff Pecoroni, CEO at HealthWay.

“As employees return to the office, personal and business travel picks up, and urgent care visits rise during the winter months, ensuring a safe, clean air environment is critical. With the log 4 reduction rate demonstrated by these results, HealthWay customers can be confident that their air quality meets the highest standards for a healthy environment,” Pecoroni continued.

healthway lab data Sources 1. LMS Technologies Inc., Multi-pass Efficiency Test, Vatine (2022) – testing includes Staph aureus (ATCC 6538), Aspergillus Niger (ATCC 1004, MS-2 Bacteriophage (ATCC 15597-B1) 2. ARE Labs Inc., Kill Kinetics of Aerosolized Microorganisms on HEPA Filters, McLeod (2022) – testing includes MS-2 Bacteriophage (ATCC 15597-B1), Staph epidermidis (ATCC 12228)

3rd Party Lab Data

Two separate testing laboratories using different testing protocols and methods conducted the third-party testing of the HealthWay® SuperV Whole House Air Cleaner. The supplementary results indicated a kill rate of 99.99% for sample bacteria and virus particles, including a proxy for MS-2 bacteriophage and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

HealthWay® SuperV units are installed within the HVAC system, resulting in uncontaminated air flowing out of all the air vents within the building. The SuperV unit can be found in residential as well as commercial buildings, such as banks, hospitals, and schools. They provide greater than MERV 16 filtration efficiency with the pressure drop of a MERV 8 filter.


SuperV Application and Testing

Our scalable, modular, energy-efficient air purification solution, the 2000IL, is a variation of the SuperV product line. The conducted tests include ASHRAE Standard 52.2, Filter Kinetic Kill Test, and a Single-Pass Efficiency Test.

The results for each test were a success for the HealthWay team. Proving high initial efficiency for particle sizes ranging in size from 10µ to 0.3µ during the ASHRAE 52.2 test. Together with lab data and research reports, the SuperV/2000IL is one of the most efficient air purifiers of its kind.

The purpose of the Kill Kinetics test was to determine the rate at which different classes of aerosolized microorganisms die after they were captured by the HealthWay proprietary filters. Test results included a 99.99% reduction of bacteria (S. epidermidis) and virus (MS2) over a 48-hour testing period.

DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) Technology

HealthWay is a one-stop manufacturer for everything IAQ. Our product portfolio ranges from portable air purifiers for a bedroom or office, to large commercial solutions for an enterprise portfolio or building. Each and every product we manufacture utilizes our patented DFS technology.

DFS, or Disinfecting Filtration System, creates a self‐contained, highly energized state in the main filter that clusters ultrafine particles to make them larger, allowing the main filter to effectively capture ultrafine particles.

The DFS continually permeates energy through the pleats and fibers of the main filter. This prevents organism growth in the main filter and prevents live organisms from escaping back into the air. Furthermore, with this IAQ lab data, we can safely say DFS technology kills 99.99% of sample microorganisms within the filter media. Each unit is individually tested with a class-one laser particle counter and is certified to exceed traditional filtration providing the highest level of ultrafine particle and virus removal. Here at HealthWay, we continue to invent and innovate IAQ solutions for the betterment of our world. View more on DFS here.

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Located in Upstate NY, we’re a team of experts and industry leaders reimagining the world as a better, safer place with innovative air purification solutions. From homes to commercial buildings, we proudly design and engineer scalable, efficient air cleaning solutions for any environment.

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