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HealthWay® Attends AHR Expo 2022 to Showcase Latest Indoor Air Quality Innovations

Our official recap of the AHR Expo in Las Vegas.

This year things were the most normal that they have been in quite some time. The event halls were bustling with conversation from AHR Expo attendees around HVAC innovations, standards, and protocols in the post-pandemic world. The Expo was held in Las Vegas from January 31st to February 2nd, 2022.

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Top things we learned from the AHR Expo.

    Indoor air quality (IAQ) is top of mind for many.

From governing bodies to energy councils and HVAC experts, organizations are looking for direction on how to handle IAQ moving forward.

    Most are looking towards new, verified IAQ technologies.

In nearly every area, AHR attendees are looking to unlock better indoor air quality and increase equivalent air changes (ACHe).

  Energy savings & workplace safety are a top priority.

Whether it’s driven by ESG or by the desire to do better, nearly everyone we talked with was interested in improving energy savings in the HVAC space.

  There are few complete IAQ solutions that scale.

From small rooms to large-enterprise level spaces – there are only a couple of air purification solutions companies that are offering solutions to meet this demand.

  HVAC players are becoming more technical about IAQ.

They are taking their testing and understanding a step further by measuring technology, devices, and spaces in real-time. The need for real data, certification, and understanding is at an all-time high.

AHR Expo 2022 | HealthWay Family of Brands Booth

HealthWay® indoor air quality solutions at AHR.

We featured a number of indoor air quality products this year from a small bedroom or office to the solution for large-scale enterprise buildings. For attendees of the show, our recap video will be a good refresher and others may get a great first look at our best-in-class solutions.

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