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Introducing a Collaborative IAQ Ecosystem for HealthWay Partners

The Global Leader in Air Purification Solutions Launches IAQ Ecosystem for HealthWay Partners

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Pulaski, NY – March 24, 2022 – HealthWay® Family of Brands and Moxo have joined forces to create an all-in-one app and portal to make access to HealthWay® products and information transparent to partners.

HealthWay® has introduced an innovative application specifically to support and collaborate with its essential partners. HealthWay® shows trust to their partners who spread brand awareness and support for this prominent air purification company. This inclusive application will harmonize HealthWay® and partners while they work together towards accomplishing goals and improving indoor air quality across the globe. Some top features include chat, knowledge base, collaboration, and file sharing. The HealthWay® Partner Portal is approachable and user-friendly to all partners.

HealthWay Partners Login Screen

Features of the HealthWay® Partners App

This tool was created to benefit the partners of HealthWay® so they can locate information on-the-go, or immediately chat with customer help. Partners will have the ability to speak 1-on-1 with a HealthWay® representative, or with the entire group within HealthWay® Partners. There is access to quick links to find calculators to estimate space/unit needs, answers to common HealthWay® questions about products and services, contact information of employees or partners, spec sheets breaking down the features of their products, and much more.

Using the file share element, HealthWay® Partners can find, share, and collaborate on uploaded files from all devices, at any time. Partners have the advantage of sharing a to-do list with their account manager and working together on indoor air quality projects of all shapes and sizes.

HealthWay Partners Portal Home Screen

Summary of Why the HealthWay® Partners App was Created

Christian Cobb, the VP of Marketing at HealthWay® states “It’s imperative that HealthWay® Partners know as much as we do about our indoor air quality solutions. When they can talk about IAQ and speak to the challenges people are facing every day – they are able to create better, safer spaces. In my opinion, this is one the best ways we can further our mission.”

Cobb also explains why only HealthWay® Partners are given access “as it is meant to be a tool to help them [Partners] sell, educate, and find information regarding our products quickly. End customers could utilize this application, but at this time, I believe that our website and Customer Success Team is providing a great experience.”

To gain access to this advanced application, partners can directly request access through an account manager who will submit a survey to the partner.  After that, the portal can then be set up in as little as a few hours.

Leave feedback, quickly navigate to key information, and gather all the HealthWay® information the team needs with the HealthWay® Partner Portal. This app will make the buying and selling process efficacious. This app is available to be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or via Google Play.

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