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Pure Wellness Partners with Mori Trust

Pure Wellness partners with Japan’s premier real estate developer, Mori Trust to bring world-class Pure Wellness solutions to the country

Pulaski, NY – November 4, 2020 – Pure Wellness has partnered with Mori Trust Co., Ltd. Mori Trust is a leading real estate developer in Japan and will implement the Pure Wellness program into all of their verticals. This partnership is made possible through an exclusive Pure Wellness license agreement. The Pure Wellness program utilizes its industry-leading proprietary and patented DFS air purification technology and Pure Shield surface technology.

Mori Trust has been in business for nearly 70 years and focuses on real estate, hotel management, and investment operations. They own and operate award-winning luxury hotels and resorts throughout Japan and also have a long-term vision of developing a diverse range of businesses.

The award-winning Pure Wellness program transforms indoor spaces into world-class wellness environments that protect people against viral and bacterial contaminants that live in the air and on surfaces. The Pure Wellness program also provides a refreshing and relaxing experience, whether the space is a hotel room, gym, school, senior living center, or office building. Pure Wellness spaces provide peace of mind that you’re in the safest indoor environment possible.

As part of the 7-step Pure Wellness program, DFS technology removes up to 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, and ultrafine particles from the air. DFS technology also removes pollutants like pollen, dust, and pet dander from the air that often cause allergies in children and adults. Pure Shied technology provides long-term anti-bacterial and viral protection on each and every surface. This helps to give people peace of mind that all spaces are turn-key ready and don’t require any housekeeping changes.

Pure Wellness is honored to solidify this milestone partnership with Mori Trust to help improve people’s lives in Japan by providing better, safer indoor environments with innovative air and surface solutions.

Since 2004, Pure Solutions LLC has been transforming indoor spaces into world-class indoor environments. Our solutions are engineered in the USA and trusted in the most mission-critical environments worldwide. Indoor problems come in all shapes and sizes – we’re proud that our patented Pure Wellness program is raising the bar for healthier spaces around the world.

About HealthWay Family of Brands

From Upstate NY,  HealthWay Family of Brands® has proudly designed and engineered products in the USA for over 20 years. We have spent years perfecting our craft and creating some of the world’s most trusted air purification solutions. Our solutions are trusted everywhere air quality matters. Indoor air quality problems come in all shapes and sizes – we’re proud that our industry-leading patented DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) technology is being used in cleanroom applications, hospital surgical suites, commercial office buildings, hotels, schools, universities, and many mission-critical environments around the globe.

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