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Elite Water Systems Built a New Revenue Stream With IAQ

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The Problem

  • Building: Residential Homes
  • Location: Texas
  • Environment: Indoor Living Spaces
  • Project Goal: To offer the best indoor health and wellness solutions for air & water.

What is more important than the air you breathe and the water you drink? Elite Water Systems has been serving the state of Texas since 2006 and aims to answer that question. Their focus is on health and wellness, not just to sell a product. They believe that the air we breathe and the water we drink are two of the most important things for our health. What started as a direct sales only company has now evolved into 90% of sales through homebuilders.


At one point in the past Elite Water Systems tried selling HealthWay portable units as an add-on product, but that wasn’t quite what the team was looking to sell. What they really wanted was a whole-home air filtration solution to match their current whole-home water filtration solutions. That’s where the HealthWay SuperV inline unit fits into place. Elite’s service area is one of the worst allergen markets in the country, so there is a big emphasis on allergens in the air for their customers.


Story - Solution

Elite Water Systems chose the SuperV as their go-to solution for whole home air filtration to complement their water filtration offerings. “If you really want whole home air filtration, a SuperV is the way” says Chief Operations Officer Kathy Cabello. When it comes to filtration “air leads to water, water leads to air.” she added. They’ve partnered with local homebuilders to offer the SuperV with DFS on new construction projects, as well as offering retrofits of existing systems. HealthWay’s DFS technology uses electronically enhanced filtration to attract and capture ultrafine particles (99.97% filtration down to 0.3 microns).


The team at Elite Water Systems are true believers in the HealthWay SuperV. They don’t just sell the SuperV, each team member has one installed in their own home. They know first hand the value and the results of the SuperV so they can share their own personal results with their clients. Currently 10% of their water filtration sales add a SuperV, but they predict that rate will go up. “Air filtration has been a great add-on” says Kathy, “soon we may see more people calling for air first then add on water filtration.”

99.97% FILTRATION DOWN TO 0.3 MICRON, Air filtration has been a great add-on - Kathy Cabello Elite Water Systems • Chief Operations Officer

Project Details
Client Moore Water & Air
Area Midwest
Date 01/01/2023
Status Complete

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