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A Major CPG Company Reduces HVAC System Fan Motor Load

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The Problem

  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Environment: Clean Room Manufacturing Space
  • Project Goal: Reduce HVAC System Fan Motor Load

Summertime heat forced one of the top 50 CPGs in the world to revisit their air handling and filtration system in a lab setting. The increased load on the HVAC system forced the fan to run at nearly full speed. This resulted in very little spare capacity to deal with peak loads and can jeopardize the integrity of the system.


Maintain ISO 8 standards and achieve a reduction in pressure drop to help avoid further capital investment.

Story - Solution

An inline HealthWay system that utilizes DFS technology has been implemented to reduce the system pressure drop while maintaining ISO 8 level filtration to supply air to mission critical spaces. This results in less load on their HVAC system while maintaining the particle capture efficiency that is required for their operation.

AHU diagram

A: Before entering AHU
B: After first DFS array
C: Before second DFS Array
D: After second DFS Array
E: Breathing Zone


Particulate Removal – Post-testing single-pass efficiency results showed that HealthWay DFS technology removed 99.942% of particulates at 0.3 micron.

Pressure Drop – A drastic change in pressure drop also occurred as compared to the previous MERV 14 / HEPA filters. HealthWay DFS filters yielded a 79% pressure drop compared to the MERV 14 / HEPA filters.

Life Cycle Cost – Circulation fan speed dropped from 95% to 85.9%, and amperage draw dropped from 187.7 to 172.3. By using two DFS filter banks inline it was possible to achieve the desired filtration level while also maintaining the necessary 67,000 CFM flow rate.

Results 99.94% of 0.3 micron particles removed, 79% Pressure Drop Reduction, 172,552 kWh Energy Savings

Project Details
Client Major CPG Company
Area Cincinnati, OH
Date 26/08/2023
Status Complete

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