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Moore Water and Air Offers A Complete Filtration Package

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The Problem

  • Building: Residential Homes
  • Location: Midwest United States
  • Environment: Indoor Living Spaces
  • Project Goal: Offer customers a complete air & water filtration package.

The Moore family has been in the water treatment industry since 1981, so they know a thing or two about purification. Their company Moore’s Water & Air serves multiple Midwest states with eight locations and a ninth location opening soon in Omaha. Their area is known for having issues with hard water due to the high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Proper conditioning, refining, and filtering of water is a necessity for many residents. Moore’s Water & Air offers an array of water quality solutions, but they were searching for an air quality solution partner.


In the past Moore’s Water & Air tried other air “purifiers” hoping to offer a complete “whole home wellness package” to their customers with air and water. Unfortunately every other air filtration unit they tried left them disappointed. But at the 2019 WQA convention they were introduced to the HealthWay line of air filtration products. After trying out a few HealthWay units at their personal homes and offices they were immediately blown away with the difference in air quality.


Story - Solution


Moore’s Water & Air now offers the HealthWay Deluxe unit on each of their home water packages. Air filtration is a great add on to the water business and customers are receptive to the product. For Moore’s Water & Air offering an air and water filtration package just makes sense. HealthWay’s DFS technology uses electronically enhanced filtration to attract and capture ultrafine particles (99.97% filtration down to 0.3 microns). The HealthWay Deluxe unit can clean up to 1,200 square-foot space while only using 12 watts of power.


“We get calls from customers on a regular basis telling us how pleased they are with their new air purification, many use the term “life-changing” when describing it” says Assistant General Manager Matthew Moore. “We couldn’t be happier with the HealthWay Deluxe and SuperV units, as well as our support from Ryan and the team at HealthWay. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to provide a great quality product to their customer and also as an easy way to increase your bottom dollar on your current water package.“

Adding the HealthWay solution to their existing water treatment solutions has resulted in significant additional revenue, increased customer satisfaction, and positioned them as a leading home wellness provider in their market.


Project Details
Client Moore Water & Air
Area Midwest
Date 01/01/2023
Status Complete

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