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Singapore Based Real Estate Company Meets Energy Certification

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The Problem

  • Building: Republic Plaza
  • Location: Singapore
  • Environment: Major Metropolitan Tropical Area
  • Project Goal: Super Low Energy Building Certification.

Singapore is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Indeed, being a small city-state means making the most of its natural resources. Starting in 2005 Singapore implemented a new direction towards environmental sustainability including the ambitious Singapore Green Plan 2030. The idea of “green buildings” was taken to heart not only in beautiful gardens, but also in building construction. So when a major global real estate operating company wanted to reduce energy consumption to comply with Singapore Green Plan 2030 and with the new Green Mark 2021 certification guidelines, they chose HealthWay.


To convert the 24-year-old building into the most energy efficient & technologically advanced structure using innovative and smart building systems so as to meet the requirements for low energy consumption certification. The goal was Super Low Energy Building Certification (SLEB) and to be the first brownfield SLEB for high-rise office buildings in Singapore. A solution would need to reduce operating cost of the existing air handling equipment and air filtration. The existing filters were traditional MERV 14 filter arrays. To meet Singapore’s goal of having 80% of their buildings “green” by 2030, SLEB Certification is key and HealthWay has a solution.

HealthWay Singapore Based Global Real Estate Operating Company case study

Story - Solution

Retrofit two AHUs with HealthWay Inline air purification modules featuring DFS. Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) is our proprietary electronically enhanced filtration technology. Existing MERV 14 filter racks were removed and HealthWay 2000 modular arrays were put in place. Traditionally a higher filtration level (higher MERV rating) would mean restrictive airflow which would require more fan power. HealthWay’s DFS technology uses electronically enhanced filtration to attract and capture ultrafine particles without the penalty of traditional MERV filtration.


Particulate Removal – Single-pass testing by the in-house facility management team found that HealthWay DFS technology was successful in removing 98.4% of particles at 0.3 microns.

Pressure Drop – Differential pressure readings were taken to measure how easily air flowed through the filters. The lower the air pressure drop, the easier the air flow and less demand on the fan motor. A drastic change in pressure drop also occurred as compared to the previous MERV 14 filters. HealthWay DFS filters yielded over 55% pressure drop reduction. Monthly energy usage went down from 748.8 kWh to 429.24 kWh, a 43% energy savings thanks to the reduced AHU fan motor strain.

Life Cycle Cost – The facilities team now has a filter life expectancy of 24-30 months for this application versus less than 12 months for the existing MERV 14 solution.

Results 98.4% of 0.3 micron particles removed, 55-60% Pressure Drop Reduction, 43% kWh Energy Savings

Project Details
Client Singapore Based Global Real Estate Operating Company
Area Singapore
Date 01/06/2023
Status Complete

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