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Pathfinder Bank Joins Clean Air Movement With HealthWay®

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The Problem

The Risk Behind Currency Exchange

Most parents constantly tell their children to wash their hands after touching money, but what are they doing to protect their own selves from these unsanitary, yet vital objects? According to TIMES, money can be home to thousands of microbes, picked up from whatever contaminated surface it touches. Cash gets constantly traded for goods and services and can travel in circulation anywhere from five to twenty years. Over its life cycle, the paper money collects bacteria that leads straight to consumers, or back to the bank, and then traded some more.


1. Importance of Local Banks
2. What’s Really on Money?
3. A Big Change From a Small Bank
4. Pathfinder Bank Joins the Clean Air Movement With HealthWay®
5. Investing in Air Purification for Banks
6. Air Purification in Banks is Essential

Importance of Local Banks

American banks have been around for hundreds of years, securing finances for billions of people. Especially in Upstate New York, local banks play a huge role in supporting small businesses and farmers through loans, investments, managing lines of credit, and so much more. If it wasn’t for community banks, there would be slim to no economic growth in rural and small towns. Loans wouldn’t be available to purchase a new car or home, and what about the life savings you’ve worked so hard to build?

According to Forbes, community banks represent 15% of the banking industry’s total loans but make 36% of all small business loans and 70% of all agricultural loans. If you’re a small business owner, a farmer, or live in a small town, community banks may be a big part of the backbone of your local economy. Unfortunately, there may be an unforeseen set of issues associated with their in-person locations.

The communal nature of banking and commerce can be harmful if not managed properly. Since most people interact with their local bank in some way, it could become the super-spreader location of the town if not handled safely.

What’s Really on Money?

Since cash can be touched by thousands of people, there is no knowing who or what touched the money when being returned to the bank. A common bacteria found on currency and in banks is Staphylococcus aureus, generally known as MRSA. MRSA can be picked up by anyone and transferred by skin-to-skin contact, crowded areas, or shared objects.

This type of bacteria can cause painful skin infections, but more serious illnesses such as pneumonia can occur if this bacteria is inhaled through the air. Nasal colonization can be asymptomatic or can result in swelling, boils, bleeding, or fevers. MRSA is not the only airborne pathogen within banks, there are also bacillus species, and a diverse collection of viruses and other harmful ultrafine particles traveling through the air. From MRSA to airborne viruses and bacteria, banks, credit unions, and other commerce-related facilities have a particularly important role to play in protecting occupants.

A Big Change from a Small Bank

While cleansing cash might not be convenient or a priority to most people, a Central New York Bank is doing its part to reduce the number of airborne germs within its facilities and is on the hunt to reimagine the world as a better, safer place. Pathfinder Bank joins the clean air movement through the investment of innovative air purification solutions from HealthWay®.  Aside from superb customer service – the bank’s employees, members, and locals can breathe easier when they head over to their community Pathfinder Bank. The majority of their locations now have several air purification units within their facilities.

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Pathfinder Bank Joins the Clean Air Movement With HealthWay®

As the American dollar bill is one of the most traded objects in the world, MRSA travels around on it rent-free and unbothered. The MRSA bacteria may survive for weeks in various back pockets and purses, but Pathfinder Banks are attempting to mitigate the number of illnesses in their communities with clean air.

This bank acknowledges that different spaces need different air purifiers. The new assets of Pathfinder Bank will reduce the spread of any airborne contaminant larger than 0.3µ at a 99.97% efficiency. This means that pollen, mold, bacteria (including MRSA), and even microscopic viruses can be removed from the air with HealthWay® devices. The air purification solutions remove the harmful airborne particles using HealthWay® patented Disinfecting Filtration System, or DFS technology, with several types of air purifiers ranging by application.

Investing in Air Purification for Banks

Pathfinder Bank joins the clean air movement with numerous SuperV units, 2000 SC units, a 2000IL unit, along with portable Compact air purifiers. By purchasing a variety of air purifiers, Pathfinder Bank can target any individual area necessary. From the small office of the drive-through teller to large lobbies, these air purification solutions are working to provide the cleanest air for all.

These portable units are easy to install, maintain, and move to designated areas. Covers up to 500 sq. ft, so it is the perfect air purifier for spaces employing 2-3 people, such as in a mortgage loaner’s office.
Installed within an HVAC system, the SuperV circulates fresh air throughout all the vents within the building. Cleans up to 2,000 CFM(Cubic feet per minute), making it a true solution for whole building purification.
Extremely customizable for any industry by being compatible with an HVAC system and used as a portable standalone unit. The 2000SC can clean up to 2,000 CFM in a location such as a large lobby.
A scalable, energy-efficient air purification unit that uses the fan from the building’s HVAC system, allowing it to be placed within an air handler or in a duct run. Covers up to 1,000,000 sq. feet, which can purify the air in banks located in skyscraper buildings. This state-of-the-art solution helps create healthy buildings with its efficiency to not only clean the air but supports the environment by using up to 70% less energy than MERV filters.

Air Purification in Banks is Essential

For the next bank visit, remember ATMs dispense more than just money, so be sure to wash your hands when handling any currency. Breathe easy within your local Pathfinder Bank with HealthWay® air purification solutions.

Project Details
Client Pathfinder Bank
Area Central New York
Date 30/06/2022
Status Complete

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