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ConnextCare is Ready for Cold and Flu Season

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The Problem

Finding peace of mind while entering a healthcare facility.

For decades, ConnextCare has been serving the Upstate NY community with affordable and compassionate care to families in Oswego County. With many people relying on them to continue their healthcare support, ConnextCare has been taking every precaution possible for the protection of its staff and patients.

In addition to their strict process to quarantine any sick patient, whether they have a common cold or COVID-19, ConnextCare goes above and beyond to make sure their patients and staff feel safe in their facilities. From intense cleaning techniques to their massive investment in air purification solutions, ConnextCare sets a remarkable example of how healthcare facilities should tend to their people.

Cold and flu season is right around the corner, affecting millions of people in the United States annually.  The common cold (rhinovirus), COVID-19, and the flu are all caused by viruses, which are the smallest of all microbes, sized as small as 0.01µ. ConnextCare facilities are rolling up their sleeves, cleaning all surfaces, and letting us handle purifying their air.

Within all 15 of their locations, they have invested in another local company, HealthWay®, to provide clean air to the most important asset of their facilities: the people. HealthWay® air purification features a proprietary commercial-grade gas and odor filter and patented Disinfecting Filtration System, or DFS technology. ConnextCare President and CEO, Tricia Peter-Clark and her team didn’t hesitate to fill their buildings up with HealthWay® products to ensure the health and well-being of all who enter. 

Story - Solution

ConnextCare improves IAQ and provides purified air to patients, staff, and visitors.

ConnextCare invested in HealthWay® air purification solutions to remove ultrafine particles such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and dust from the air. Industrial-sized air purification units were installed within the air ducts in the ceiling and to the HVAC system in the basement, but they didn’t stop there.

To target specific areas of their facilities, ConnextCare also invested in hundreds of light-in-weight, portable Compact units, that can be easily placed wherever needed. They have a variety of sizes of air purifiers that all serve unique roles and narrow the focus to specific areas.

The Compact is portable and made for spaces up to 500 sq. feet, which is perfect for individual patient exam rooms.
Installed within the HVAC system and purifies spaces throughout the entire building.
The 2000IL also is installed within the building’s HVAC system. The modular and energy-efficient unit is used in spaces up to 1,000,000 sq. feet. The unit is versatile enough to be retrofitted or built within some of the largest skyscrapers in the world.

Tricia Peter-Clark ConnextCare President and CEO, Tricia Peter-Clark, has installed hundreds of Compact air purifiers in all of the ConnextCare facilities.

Locked & Loaded Throughout Buildings

The Compact air purifier cleans spaces up to 500 sqft., which makes it a sufficient choice for individual patient rooms and shared staff rooms. Since Compacts are the smallest in size of our products, they can be mounted on the wall or placed unbothered in a corner. 

We have Compacts in all common rooms where our staff congregate, in shared offices, as well as in every single patient room in all 15 of our facilities. We wanted to cover all shared spaces with air purifiers to offer the greatest level of protection. Even though we have purified air coming from the air ducts, seeing these around the center gives our staff and patients peace of mind when we walk into the room and see a Compact next to us.Tricia Peter-Clark, ConnextCare President and CEO

In addition to the hundreds of Compact air purifiers, SuperV units are providing clean air to all the vents in the building. Although these ultra-quiet units are hidden to the patients and most staff, they are constantly running to provide greater than MERV 16 filtration efficiency with the pressure drop of a MERV 8 filter. By installing the SuperV on the return vent, all the contaminated air getting pulled inside the unit gets purified, then moves throughout the rest of the HVAC system. This results in less dust in ConnextCare’s buildings’ air ducts and uncontaminated air flowing out of all the air vents within the building.

Heavy Duty Purification

There are now HVAC solutions that lower the risk of infectious diseases, all while improving IAQ and being energy efficient. The installment of several  2000IL Modular Solution units within various ConnextCare facilities provides safe electrically enhanced filtration, with an ultra-low pressure drop, a higher efficiency rate of particulate removal, and dust-holding capacity over the life of the filter.

This powerhouse solution also works behind the scenes to generate near-perfect air for the entire building. The HealthWay® 2000IL  is scalable, modular, energy-efficient, and can be front or sideloaded into a building’s HVAC system, and can be installed in an air handler or in an air duct.

What’s different about the 2000IL compared to others, is its extreme energy efficiency. ConnextCare is not only using an enterprise-scaled air purification unit for the health of the occupants within, but also for the health of the building and its impact on our planet. This air purification system uses up to 70% less energy as a result of ultra-low pressure drop compared to alternative MERV filters. ConnextCare did their research and found the 2000IL to protect its occupants while lowering carbon emissions, achieving ESG goals, and decreasing energy use.

Independent Testing

In June 2020, Dr. Syed A. Sattar performed an assessment of a HealthWay® 950P air purifier with a proxy COVID-19 sized particle. This was the first-ever enveloped and non-enveloped study of a proxy virus for SARS-CoV-2 in a certified lab.  Dr. Sattar found that in just 10 minutes, there was a 99.987% removal of the proxy virus, in 1 hour, there was 100% removal, and then 24 hours later, remained 100% removal of the proxy virus.

Proxy COVID-19 test results

ConnextCare ultimately has sanitized air that gets lead through clean vents, a low-pressure drop, and reduced energy use compared to mechanical filters. This team of healthcare professionals is taking a step in the right direction and supporting local communities with clean, uncontaminated air while saving energy, lowering carbon emissions, and sticking to the ESG plan. Whether families are in need of dentistry, pediatric, or mental health services, ConnextCare provides them help while ensuring them clean air with HealthWay® products.

We chose HealthWay® because of the high-quality products they provide and the community partnership they offer. We strive to always promote and support local businesses.  We are very pleased with all our systems and feel fortunate to have them [HealthWay®] in our backyard in Pulaski, NY.Tricia Peter-Clark, ConnextCare President and CEO


Project Details
Client ConnextCare
Area Oswego County
Date 23/09/2022
Status Complete

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