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DFS Powered Fan Filter Unit (FFU) Exceeds Industry Standards

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The Problem

The need for a versatile, energy-efficient, effective solution.

In spaces across the US, there has been a fundamental shift by building managers. As a result of changing regulations and heightened risk, organizations are considering occupants and utilization of space when planning and improving safety. This shift deviates from the previously held notion that protecting and preserving a building’s core infrastructure was among the most criteria.

Creating safe buildings takes consideration of many things – cleaning procedures, infrastructure, utilization and so much more. Read more – Harvard Business Review, What makes an office building “healthy”.

Air filtration, one component of creating a safe and clean environment for occupants, requires high-efficiency filtration and continuous movement of air. However, many facilities across the US have antiquated and/or complicated HVAC systems that are very difficult to improve. Alternatively, in some cases, there is no available HVAC system and a building might be heated or cooled with water, steam, or electricity. Regardless, cleaning air becomes a more difficult challenge – one that building administrators continue to grapple with as they move forward.

Story - Solution

The FFU offers efficiency from top to bottom.

HealthWay a world leader in innovative air cleaning solutions and Stark Tech Group, a solution-based firm for commercial building applications, noted the challenge that many building operators were facing.

The solution was to provide a versatile device for spaces – one that could stand alone or be integrated as a final stage of filtration. HealthWay leveraged DFS in an entirely new method and created a tremendously energy-efficient, high-efficiency Fan Filter Unit (FFU).

Stark Tech Group took the newly created solution and applied it in a classroom environment where the results continue to be astounding – up to 70% energy savings and 99% efficiency at .3 micron.

Project Details
Client Confidential
Area Upstate New York
Date 03/09/2021
Status Complete

“This is the solution to building safer, more productive & energy-efficient workspaces.”

Stark Tech Group - Rochester, NY

Contributed by “Stark Tech”

Stark Tech is a leader in facility optimization, aligning technology with real-world experience across a diverse portfolio of capabilities. They are a single agent source for Building Automation, Intelligence & Equipment offering a unique customer experience throughout the building lifecycle. They are a collaborative, cross-functional team working together to provide integrative, cost-effective solutions with in-house expertise for any type of building, portfolio or project.

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