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How a NYC Client Implemented a State of the Art IAQ Solution

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The Problem

A multinational corporate bank needs an IAQ solution and a reduction of operating costs.

A New York City-based multinational investment bank and financial services company turned to HealthWay® for a long-term HVAC-based air quality solution. Their main focus was to improve indoor air quality and reduce operating costs associated with air filtration. Banks and other enterprises of this size need the highest level of filtration with the lowest pressure drop to filter air throughout the building.

Justified by outdoor air pollution along with indoor viruses and bacteria, this bank was concerned for the health of its occupants. They wanted to enhance workplace safety for employees and visitors by improving indoor air quality. They were on the hunt to find a solution that could limit energy usage and allow them to also decrease their carbon footprint, all while being done with the reduction of overall operating costs.

Within a high-rise building in New York City, the client installed dozens of Air Handling Units, which were outfitted with a similar style as the MERV 15 filter array. It was our challenge to create a product in which organizations no longer have to choose between a real indoor air quality solution and reducing energy costs. Jump to the video

*BEFORE: AHU with pre-existing MERV 15 filters. *BEFORE: AHU with pre-existing MERV 15 filters.

*Proposed air purification solution * DURING: Proposed IAQ solution.

Story - Solution

Air purification for commercial buildings is necessary.

After a site survey by technicians, an installation of our “in-line” 2000IL and 1000IL modules were employed into the HVAC system of this multinational corporate bank. These in-line solutions are scalable, modular, and energy-efficient that can be front or side-loaded to fit nearly any HVAC application.

To maintain a healthy building it is important to employ energy-efficient air purifiers within the building. Each pre-filter is rated at MERV-8, and captures larger particulates, which keeps the entire system clean. They can easily be maintained and replaced within our picture-frame design system, with no tools needed. The main filters contain our patented DFS technology which inhibits microbial growth, increases filter efficiency, and has a low-pressure drop.

* AFTER: Post-installation of HealthWay 2000IL and 1000IL air purifiers. * AFTER: Post-installation of HealthWay 2000IL and 1000IL air purifiers.

An independent Stark Tech Company, Kistler, provided HealthWay® and our client with both pre and post-in-situation testing to reveal the performance of the installed 2000IL and 1000IL air purification solutions compared to pre-existing MERV-15 filters. The Kistler team performed tests on the entire system including gaskets, frames, housing, and other components that make up the solution. They also provided insight on how HealthWay® products improved particle count, energy efficiency, and pressure drop.


Energy Efficiency
Kistler calculated potential energy savings to be approximately 57% over the course of 1 year.
Particle Count
A 97.77% removal of 0.1µ particle size, compared to 58.89% at 0.1µ.
Pressure Drop
HealthWay® 2000IL/1000IL solution yielded a 0.32″ compared to MERV-15 test scenario yielding a .75″ pressure drop.

DFS Technology

DFS technology, also referred to as Electrically Enhanced Filtration (EEF), utilizes a proprietary deep pleated 100% sealed filter to provide safe electrically enhanced filtration, with an ultra-low pressure drop, high efficiency of particulate removal and dust holding capacity over the life of the filter.

DFS creates a highly energized state in the main filter that aggregates or clusters ultrafine particles to make them larger, allowing the main filter to effectively capture ultrafine particles. The high energy field is controlled, and self-contained between the entry ground control grid before the main filter and a rear control grid affixed to the rear of the main filter.

The controlled, isolated high-energy field generated by the DFS continually creates high energy exposure through the pleats and fibers of the main filter creating a microbiostasis (“prevention of organism growth”) in the main filter, preventing live organisms from escaping back into the air.

The Next Step

Plan your space with the global leader in air purification. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide purified air to every part of a commercial-sized building. Whether it may be a small office space, or large conference room, we have the perfect product to protect all occupants of the building. Contact us today to begin your journey to clean air solutions.

Project Details
Client Multinational Bank
Area New York City
Date 08/06/2022
Status Complete

“This is the solution to building safer, more productive & energy-efficient workspaces.”

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