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SUNY Upstate Invests in Air Purification for Entire Hospital Eco-System

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The Problem

An added focus on indoor air quality.

Prior to learning about HealthWay, Upstate tried to order another brand of air purifiers, but when the brand couldn’t fit their needs, they were back on the hunt for indoor air quality solutions. They then came across HealthWay, whose DFS technology exceeds HEPA standards and removes particles at .007 microns in size, which is smaller in size than all ultrafine particles, including COVID-19.  

In an effort to help protect medical staff, administrators and patients, SUNY Upstate was looking for ways to improve its airborne infectious disease plan. As part of this plan, they were looking to update their HVAC system and improve the overall indoor air quality of their hospital, doctors’ offices and offices.  

Upstate was one of the first hospitals in the United States to deploy the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine to employees and personnel. According to Syracuse.comUpstate joined a limited number of medical facilities that had access to this lifesaving vaccine.  

During the first round of vaccines, SUNY Upstate deployed Compact Air Purifiers throughout the facilities as an added measure of safety for those who were in attendance getting the vaccine. 

Story - Solution

A wide roll-out completed in a few weeks.

After a thorough due diligence process, SUNY Upstate Invests in Air Purification for the entire hospital ecosystem. This was an additional measure to their already rigorous safety plan to include improving IAQ across the entire Upstate ecosystem. To date, Upstate has procured over 325 air purifiers of various sizes for applications across their hospitals, medical clinics, and laboratories. 

Over the course of a couple of weeks, HealthWay made recommendations for air purifiers throughout the ecosystem. Dozens of 950P commercial air purifiers with 950 CFM and a cleaning capacity of 3,500 sq/ft were used in larger spaces, including lobbies and COVID-19 vaccination sites. Many smaller Compact units were also placed in patient rooms, exam rooms, and offices to help reduce the particle load within the spaces. As part of a complete safety program, Upstate relied on HealthWay to provide clean air recommendations and solutions throughout various facilities.   

Upstate has continued to lead the way by implementing a robust response plan to combat the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19. As more people return to hospitals for reasons other than COVID-19, they are looking to HealthWay to continue providing a solution.  

HealthWay air purifiers continue to be added to various facilities across the SUNY Upstate eco-system to help improve the overall safety and wellbeing of medical staff, administrators, and patients as they continue to increase 

Project Details
Client SUNY Upstate Medical Hospital
Area Syracuse, New York
Date 10/09/2020
Status Complete

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