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How UnionBank Plaza Found The Safest Indoor Air Possible

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The Problem

  • Building: UnionBank Plaza
  • Location: Manila, Philippines
  • Environment: Major Metropolitan Tropical Area
  • Project Goal: Safest Tenant Indoor Air Quality Possible

UnionBank Plaza is an iconic high-rise office building in Metro Manila’s Ortigas Commercial District, serving as the headquarters for UnionBank of the Philippines, one of the country’s top 10 banks in terms of assets. The 49-story building also houses major business process outsourcing companies, investment firms, property developers, real estate companies, and other businesses.


Indoor air quality was a top concern for UnionBank Plaza Condominium Association Inc. (UBPCAI), manager of UnionBank Plaza. The primary source of pollution was outside air due to the building’s location at the intersection of three major thoroughfares: EDSA, Meralco Avenue, and C5. Additional pollutants came from within the building, along with the potential transmission of airborne diseases.

Streets of Manila

When the Philippine government started easing COVID-19 restrictions, UBPCAI anticipated more tenants reopening their offices, leading to a greater flow of people. This increased traffic also meant more volatile organic compounds in the air from office equipment, air fresheners, and cleaning solutions.

Recognizing the benefits of clean indoor air, UBPCAI sought a building-wide centralized air purification system. They chose Air Intellipure’s proposal for its filtration and energy efficiency, third-party certifications, and verifiable performance results.

Story - Solution

UnionBank Plaza uses a multilevel centralized air conditioning system but lacks centralized air purification. Air Intellipure identified the SuperV air purifier as the best solution, offering medical-grade filtration greater than HEPA14 with a MERV 16 efficiency and the pressure drop of a MERV 8 filter. Each unit uses only 8 watts per hour.

SuperV with DFS

A total of 190 Intellipure SuperV 5100 and 1700 variants were installed into the supply and return ducts of the air handling units (AHUs) and fire exits across 35 floors. In areas with split-type air conditioners, a combination of 24 portable Intellipure 950P, Ultrafine 468, and Compact air filtration units were deployed. In total, 525,000 square feet of building space was covered, capable of treating 875,000 cubic feet of air per minute.

Both the SuperV and portable units use our proprietary Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology. This technology uses a high-energy field that enhances filtration efficiency in order to achieve greater or at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 micron.


Air Intellipure and UnionBank Plaza’s project team conducted air quality testing using a laser particle counter measuring particulate matter down to 2.5 and .5 microns. The team observed a ten- to twenty-fold improvement in air quality within 40 minutes of the purifiers being switched on.

UnionBank Plaza’s tenants can now work with comfort and peace of mind, thanks to the initiative of UBPCAI. With the high-volume, low-pressure-drop filter, UnionBank Plaza expects to reduce energy costs by up to 30% compared to standard filtration systems.

Project Details
Client Singapore Based Global Real Estate Operating Company
Area Singapore
Date 01/06/2023
Status Complete

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