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How United Airlines Implemented a Robust Safety Plan for Employees During COVID-19

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The Problem

The backstory of the United Airlines project.

When the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine were approved for U.S. use, United and its employees were called upon to help support the logistical challenge of transporting the COVID-19 vaccines to the United States from Europe. According to a November 24th, 2020, letter from the Federal Aviation Administration, United would fly chartered cargo flights between Brussels International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport to support the distribution of the vaccine to the American public.  

United’s leadership team at Chicago O’Hare International Airport was looking for a solution to help keep their nearly 10,000 essential employees safe from the spread of COVID-19, while they were leading efforts in rolling out the vaccine.  

United’s team looked to HealthWay Family of Brands to ensure that they were providing the best possible safety solution for their employees 

Story - Solution

Planning a robust solution.

United understood the need to improve indoor air quality in their offices, flight command centers, and throughout their employee lounges. They had already put social distancing protocols into place and even went as far as buying a pilot order of a few bipolar ionization air purifiers to test efficiency. After being concerned about performance, United decided to seek alternatives to ensure that they were doing as much as they could to reduce the spread of viruses. After a short on-site survey HealthWay found that the devices previously installed were averaging about a 40% efficiency rate at .3 micron.  

A team member from the O’Hare Hub was doing research on the Chicago Public School system and found that their choice in air purification was HealthWay and thus, decided to proceed with learning more about HealthWay’s air purification solutions. 


The solution that was implemented.

HealthWay made recommendations for air purifiers throughout their offices, flight command centers, and employee lounges.  

United has continued to lead the way by implementing a robust safety plan to combat the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19 within their workspace. As more people start to travel across the country and world again, organizations are looking to HealthWay to continue providing a solution for a safer work environment.   

To date, United has over 100 portable air purification units throughout their entire Chicago O’Hare ecosystem. They are currently utilizing the Compact, Ultrafine 468, and 950P. 


The final outcome.

Employees can now breathe easier knowing that clean, fresh air is being used throughout their entire workspace.   

Not only will HealthWay’s air purifiers help reduce the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19, but they will create a safer and cleaner work environment.

Project Details
Client United Airlines
Area Chicago, Illinois
Date 01/11/2020
Status Complete

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