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Air purification for transportation hubs and vehicles

Transit air purification – we’ve innovated to protect travellerscargo and staff from the spread of airborne viruses. Our complete line of air purification solutions is built to solve indoor air quality challenges specific to transportation hubs and vehicles. From plug and play portable units to HVAC retrofit systems, we’ll apply our expertise to outfit your built environment, wherever that may be. 


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Portable and engineered solutions tailored to the future of transportation environments.

We are seeing a larger trend among travelers, operators and staff that are carefully analyzing the spaces in which they occupy. Facilities around the globe are looking at cleanliness from all perspectives, especially air quality, to ensure that their facilities continue to be utilized and trusted. With improved indoor air quality travelers, operators and staff can feel safer for tourism, daily travel, or occasional use.

We’ve innovated to provide solutions in the transportation industry. We would love the opportunity to assist you with your application.

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We build and implement portable and modular air purification solutions for nearly every environment including multi-hub transit systems. 

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Our portable air purifiers can absolutely be retrofitted into cars, trains, busses, or planes. We are currently testing our Compact unit in conjunction with charter bus system: Academy Busses. We do not currently offer a mobile, car-centric system. 

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Thank you for considering HealthWay. We first assess your environment to understand the current air quality levels, utilization, current systems, and the size. We then start formulating a road map to good indoor air quality. There is no “one size fits all” air purification solution.  

To get started, we recommend going through our discovery and planner tools to equip yourself with some information – or feel free to reach out directly via our contact page.

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We’re here to help find the right solution for you. We have a team of internal specialists and partners that are ready to help you learn about indoor air quality, solve your challenge, and implement a solution. 

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