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With The Help of Innovators at HealthWay, Academy Bus Lines Created a New Method for Air Purification for Transportation

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The Problem

Moving forward with safer buses.

HealthWay and Academy Bus Line set the new standard for air purification for transportation. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the transportation industry extremely hard. Buses, airplanes, trains, and more were forced to completely shut down for a part of 2020. The CDC has confirmed that COVID-19 is primarily spread through airborne transmission, so dozens of people sitting close together on a bus was not ideal for business.    

Francis Tedesco, President and CEO of Academy Bus, said that protecting the health and well-being of the riding public and their drivers was Academy’s main focus. He also said as society continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring a safe transportation environment for riders is key to re-instilling confidence in mass transit and long-haul bus service, especially as we look towards the end of the public health emergency gripping our nation.  

Tedesco and his team looked to Delos, one of HealthWay’s strategic partners to ensure that they were providing the best possible safety solution to their riders and drivers. 

Story - Solution

A new method of cleaning the air in charter buses.

“We are excited to continue the rollout of the “Delos Powered by HealthWay” purification systems on our buses. We greatly appreciate the technology and implementation of the system in a mobile environment to combat COVID-19. The system contributes to an even safer environment for our customers and employees while on board. We Know the Way!” – Academy Buses

Through Delos, HealthWay was introduced to Academy bus. HealthWay’s VP of Engineering, Alex Frechette went to Academy’s headquarters to engineer a solution that would work inside of a motor coach.  

The main challenge to this project was finding room on the bus to fit the Compact unit without giving up seating capacity while still making it an effective installation location.  

After Frechette’s visit, HealthWay was able to make a recommendation for Academy Bus to Install one Compact unit per bus. HealthWay’s engineering team designed a custom mounting bracket that would allow the unit to be installed in the overhead parcel rack of the bus.  

This was a robust response plan to combat the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19 on their motor coaches. As people start to travel again by bus across the country, passengers can have confidence knowing that they are breathing the cleanest air possible.  

HealthWay air purifiers have been installed across Academy’s entire fleet of buses. Passengers and drivers can now breathe easier knowing that clean, fresh air is being used throughout their entire fleet of buses.  

Project Details
Client Academy Bus
Area Hoboken, New Jersey
Status Complete

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